Nice to meet you!

I'm grateful that you want to read more about me as an individual. I'm an open-minded, responsible person who genuinely loves crafting experiences to my upmost ability. Go ahead and read into who I am, my experiences, and why I became a designer. If you're interested to even get to me personally, don't hesitate to reach out by either contacting me or use my calendly to book a call & i'll be more than happy to talk to you.

About Me

Born in Monterey Park, California, Tyrone is a self-taught UI/UX Designer who likes to be challenged and achieve greatness through implementing designs for everyday products.

Being a UI/UX Designer is all about crafting and creating consistent results for consumers. What he enjoys the most about being a designer is coming up with great visuals and creating a user interface that wows people. Collaborating as a team is an integral part of having success for any industry out there and there's no doubt that designers need to obtain the necessary soft skills to back up the work they put in, but more importantly, being a designer requires patience, resilience, and strength in developing a product that serves users purpose and change lives because of it.

Therefore, it is an obsession of his to meet and adhere that standard of excellence through honoring those responsibilities that we cater to.




Webflow Dev
Jun-July 2022


Designer (Contractor)
Aug - Sept 2019

Quicken Inc.

UX Design Intern
Menlo Park, CA
Jun - Aug 2019


UI Design
User-Centered Approach
Problem Solving
User Research
Agile Environment


CSU East Bay

BA in Art Studio
Hayward, CA




1) How did you become a self-taught designer?

I became a self-taught designer by watching lots of online videos and reading design books while attending CSUEB that started when I first took design courses from my days of community college (where I first learned adobe illustrator and photoshop). In return, that actually expedited my knowledge and made that transition easier to go to the self-taught route along with mentorship from other designers I reached out to. No bootcamp from me!

2) Why did you become a designer?

I always enjoyed the unique, creative side of design in a way where I can conceptualize an open mind approach and expand my thoughts to apply on a blank canvas. I look at being a designer as someone who isn't content and always "adapting to the environment" and not just settle building products to solve problems, but finding purpose in making sure it's sustainable.