Macau is a e-commerce online coffee chain known to bring savory and fresh brewed coffee to people's homes that serves affordable prices to customers with 100% satisfaction.

Macau is also traditionally a region on the south coast of China that sits across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong.


The goal is to gather insights from each user by doing in-person interviews and reviews from the internet in order to see what needs to be done to make an enjoyable experience for everyone who use Macau.


  • Research
  • Concept
  • Mockups

Project Duration

August - November 2018




Here, I decided to gather insight from three coffee lovers about what they would like to get out from a new, fresh coffee app and gather insight from what they would like to see at Macau.

“I would like to see affordable prices and a quick, seamless process on buying coffee within a mobile device at Macau".

“I would love to see a coffee app to have a feature where you can do a quick add and not look at the product page where everything you like to buy is done in one minute from finding your coffee, quick adding, and checking out to purchase".

“I want a combination of everything. From affordable prices to good coffee and even a fresh, vibrant look to the whole presentation of Macau; I want to be able to experiment all of those things and be satisfied with those results".

Brain Writing

After dissecting the responses from the people that I interviewed, I came up with important questions that were relevant to Macau in what can be improved between their service and overall quality.



Information Architecture

Responsive Wireframes




Gradient #1

Style Guide

For Macau's logo creation, essentially since the theme here is coffee, beans, and food alike, I wanted to design a simple logo that people will immediately know right away what it is. A simple bean logo provides essential ingredients brewed inside coffee lovers and feel rejuvenated to start your morning.

For the colors, it was extremely important to design a system that relates to everyday people. Therefore, I wanted to create a palette that makes you feel light and carefree so you have enough energy to go about your day and be productive.



Netflix Sans App




Filter/Product Page

In the filter page, you can customize your options that cater to your specific needs in finding your items at Macau.

In the product page, you can find the specific item as a boxed set.

Since Macau is a e-commerce, coffee platform, this is a unique experience when ordering boxed coffee sets online and adding combos to the order. With that mindset; the expectation is you want a fast experience that users will refer to & build a foundation of trust that is welcoming & safe.

Quick Add

This is a unique experience for Macau for this feature called a Quick Add.

If users hold the specific selection for two seconds, an add button on the top right pops up, creating an action which you could add the item to the cart area within under a minute and check out right away without going or seeing the product page.

Cart/Checkout Area

Here is the cart/checkout area. You can check the orders you have added to the cart and delete by adjusting the quantity box and press zero.

Also after you proceed to the cart, you can find payment options and slide to confirm the checkout process so that delicious Macau flavor will be delivered at your address.



2 Biggest Takeways

  • Unique experience ordering coffee in boxed sets.
  • Some users like the back and filter button with the fixed position.

2 Biggest Improvements

  • Confusing mix-up between quick online order pickup, but it's not in a e-commerce, thought process.
  • Users complained about the quick purchase and not having familiarity with that format. It was unique, but didn't offer any gist or purpose; needs more refinement/simplicity.

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