Maater is an anti-virus software that helps protect your computer and mobile devices so they don't get effected and infiltrate your privacy.


The challenge was to make sure to provide a dashboard that co-aligns with Maater's mission: Provide software that guarantees protection for computers and mobile devices.


  • Research
  • Concepts
  • Visual Mockups

Project Duration

November-December 2019



Question Areas

When asking questions to users, it's extremely important to find balance between understanding pain points as well as getting familiar with the patterns and thoughts from general answers.


How imperative is the efficiency and sustainability that relates to virus software products?


Are there any constraints and frustrations that comes with scanning viruses?


What purpose does it serve users by running an anti-virus software that relates to maximizing time & energy?

Lean UX Canvas

Using the Lean UX Canvas chart by Jeff Gothelf, this helped get a rundown for laying out the vision for Maater and breaking everything down for building a malware/anti-virus software.

Preliminary Research

From here, I decided to combine question areas and lean UX canvas as a guide and combine that with the framework for Jobs to be Done to break down the situation, motivation, and outcome for Maater.

Situation - Finding a software to block viruses,
Motivation - Will help protect my devices and identify spammers,
Outcome - So I could enjoy the privacy of a fast and efficient experience.

Competitive Analysis

In order to grasp that challenge ahead, it was a good idea to see other anti-virus competitors, see what worked well for them in what Maater can extract from those respective companies, and ultimately turn them into Maater users.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses, infrastructure, governments, and consumers around the world.


McAfee is one of the worldwide leaders in cybersecurity that creates business and consumer solutions across the world.


Norton provides industry leading protection anti-virus and cybersecurity protection for your PC and mobile devices.


Avast is a free internet security platform that protects your devices from viruses, scans web threats, and protects your browsers.



User Flow Optimization




Style Guide

Here are the color palettes and symbols I have used in designing Maater's theme.

For the color's, orange and green provided a mood that recognizes the synergy that takes place for users to be keen on providing attention to. These colors represent the overall brand, look, and feel to protect your info and devices from slowing down.

And of course, I didn't want to forget adding the typography, buttons, and symbols.




Netflix Sans App


Maater Protection Features

Immediately get a rundown and protect your devices at all costs. Maater does the job by making sure you get a quick virus overview and scan down every nook and cranny possible while also making sure that firewall toggle is on.

Maater Report/Performance

Maater does a regular checkup on your last update in making sure that your devices performs at maximum peak.


On the left screen, you can see a reduced nav as a mouse hover. Consistency is key from mobile to PC so Maater gets the job done.

On the right screen, you can see the profile and manage your account. Maater is a free anti-virus platform and you can support them by paying 99 cents a month to help support the product. The benefit of using Maater is having full protection without spending any money at all.



2 Biggest Takeaways

  • Clean UI
  • Simple to use

2 Biggest Improvements

  • Baseless; could've done more research and get more insights
  • Lack of features

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