Just so you know...

I've done work from flyers to t-shirt designs as a side hustle during my internship at Quicken. They allowed me to showcase my the work I did during my time there and display them to my site, which I am very appreciative of. Check it out and let me know what you think!

ACME Landing Page - BETA

Team: Mike Landolfi, Chris Dillard, Quinn Knoblock, Tyrone Ko
Timeline: 4 weeks
  • One of the first projects assigned during my internship at Quicken.
  • Collaborated and found competitive analysis, adding new features, and create a fresh vibrant look.
  • Executed on uploading designs via zeplin.

Quicken Western Event Flyer

Team: Kathy Finnegan, Tyrone Ko
Timeline: 1 week
  • Side Project for a company event
  • Saloon template was given and used my creativity to the maximum
  • Nice compliments around the office

2019 Quicken Summer Intern T-shirt

Team: Drew Gerger, , Rohan Bharadwaj, Tyrone Ko
Timeline: 4 weeks
  • Small input on my end to design the paper airplane.
  • Backstory: Quicken had a paper plane flying contest every 2 weeks on a Monday. Whoever flew the longest got a reward.

Throwback 'Folio'

Since I started becoming a UI /UX Designer in 2018, I've done a redesign of my portfolio once a year. It's a great practice for someone like myself who's constantly learning and getting better everyday. I highly recommend doing this so designers can stay sharp BUT you have to honor your commitment and be a grinder to make this happen. It's also safe to say i've come a long way and plan to challenge myself to do this yearly.